Before I begin to tell my story, I wish to give thanks and adoration to the Lord Almighty, the maker of Heaven and Earth for sparing my life up till the present moment. I say glory be to God. I also thank God for giving me the grace to successfully undergo all the stages involved in the treatment of my breast cancer.

The journey so far began in 2007, when a family doctor at Ademola Clinics detected that I had a lump in one of my breast. I could not believe it. The doctor counseled me that the lump will be removed through a surgical operation. After the first operation, the substance removed through a surgical operation was sent to LUTH {Lagos University Teaching Hospital} for biopsy.
LUTH confirmed it was cancer.

Later, I went through a second surgery at another hospital because the substance found was not fully removed the first time. This period was full of agony and pains. After the surgery, I was referred to LUTH for further treatment. I was placed on six courses of chemotherapy, which I completed.

After the completion in 2008, LUTH also placed me on radiotherapy for seventeen courses. I did not know that I was going to survive after receiving the treatment, but I thank God today that I am now telling the story of my journey.
I must emphasize the amount of money that I had spent in the purchase of drugs, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other miscellaneous that are un-receipted. It is true again to say that “Health is Wealth” and also “Wealth is Health”.

I received the support of my family, particularly my husband (who has been like father and my mentor) and the children. They have all been very supportive spiritually, morally and financially. I say a big thank you to this wonderful family. Your fervent prayers always have continued to yield a fruitful result.

To some of my sisters that have just being diagnosed, I wish to implore you to have faith in God that everything will be all right with you. You will also have course to glorify God’s name. I also wish to implore to you once again that make use of the drugs recommended by your doctors religiously. At the end, you will smile.

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