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Why partner with us?

Our partners are incredibly important to us. Without our partners, we would not be able to provide the much-needed support for patients and survivors of breast cancer in Nigeria.

We recognize that our partners are unique and have specific and strategic priorities which is why we custom tailor our approach to help you get the most out of the partnership.

We are focused on helping you, your brand or organization make a difference in their community and country at large by helping to reduce the mortality rate of breast cancer.  We do so through our SCREEN strategy – screening, counseling, referrals, education, enlightenment, and nurturing.

  • We create positive public relations opportunities

During our outreach campaigns including the yearly World Cancer Day on the 4th of February, the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, and various regional and national outreach programs and campaigns, we attract press coverage that helps reach a large and diverse audience, which in turn helps you gain public and private recognition and support.

  • We help increase brand trust and profile with clients

Partnering with C.O.P.E helps send a powerful message to your staff, customers, clients, and community that you care about their health and wellbeing, which helps create and increase brand loyalty and trust.

  • We help companies meet their corporate social responsibility objectives

We are focused and committed to helping our partners achieve significant, long-term impact in their communities and across the country which is why many of our partners have continued to collaborate with us over the years.

Our partners are also able to demonstrate the difference they make in their communities through the delivery of summary reports to their various stakeholders including shareholders, staff, customers, and clients.

  • Our cause is powerful and important

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer affecting women in Nigeria. Most people know someone who has been affected by the disease. Partnering with us helps contribute to a significant reduction in the mortality rate of breast cancer in the country.

Corporate Partners

Corporate Partners

Our partners play a vital role in supporting our mission to reduce the mortality rate of breast cancer in Nigeria and vision to serve as the foremost comprehensive breast cancer resource provider in the country. We are truly grateful for their support and commitment to our cause. In return for their support, we deliver clear benefits that advance our partners triple bottom line objectives of generating profit, using their resources to support a socially responsible initiative, and purposefully impacting communities, which positions them positively in the eyes of their stakeholders.

With an annual contribution of N1,500,000.00 [One million, five hundred thousand naira only]. your organization can make a positive difference in the lives of 100 women [i.e., staff, customers, clients, and/or community].

Charity partners

Charity Partners

Our charity partners support our mission and vision in various ways including supporting breast cancer patients financially, funding research and outreach projects, and financial donations for the provision of prosthetic items for survivors.

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