Why partner with us?

Our corporate partners are incredibly important to us. Without our partners we wouldn’t be able to provide vital support and information for the thousands of people affected by breast cancer each year.

We are aware that each company we partner with has their own unique vision, brand mission and strategic priorities. This is why we always design our approach; to help you get the most out of your partnership with us.

Why partner with us?

From motivating staff and helping boost your brand to supporting a powerful cause and raising awareness, there are plenty of reasons to get involved and help us continue to be there for anyone facing the harsh reality of breast cancer.

We’re experts at engaging staff

We have proven experience of motivating staff across the country through a cause they care about.

We create positive PR opportunities

Every time there is a major awareness campaign such as the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, there is always press coverage around to help reach a larger audience. We create stand out joint campaigns that achieve vast recognition and public support.

We help increase brand trust and profile with customers

Whether it’s during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, during our various Campaigns at different times of the year, partnering with us can send a strong message to your customers.

We help companies deliver their Corporate Social Responsibility objectives

Whether reporting back on the local impact the partnership has delivered or measuring staff engagement – we make it as easy as possible for our partners to demonstrate to their shareholders, staff and customers the difference they are making to people affected by breast cancer.

We deliver an outstanding experience for partners

There is a reason so many of our partners stay with us over the years; this is because we are easy and great to work with.

Our friendly, professional and passionate managers have experience across different sectors and knowledge on how to successfully engage workforces on both a small and large scale. Find out more about our partnerships.

Our cause is powerful and important

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancer affecting women in Nigeria, and that’s why most people know someone who’s been affected by it, and are passionate about providing support for every single person living with the disease. Find out more about the support and services we offer.